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In Grieg Group we recognize the environmental and social impacts of our business activities. We have a strong focus on corporate responsibility and sustainable business development, on both a strategic and an operational level. The companies in Grieg Group are independent, but close cooperation across company borders is encouraged. This contributes to a higher knowledge level and shared company culture and ethical foundation.


The integrity of our employees and Grieg Group’s shared values define the compass by which we navigate

The integrity of our employees and Grieg Group’s shared values define the compass by which we navigate when doing business across the world: Open, Solid, Proud and Committed. These values serve as a foundation for our interaction – both internally and externally.   In 2008 Grieg Star (former Grieg Shipping Group) became committed to the UN Global Compact and their principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. From then on we became even more focused on our social and environmental obligation.

Grieg Green

As part of this we established Grieg Green in 2010. Grieg Green, which is a part of Grieg Star provides an environmentally and ethical sound recycling of ships. Our aim is to make recycling of ships as environmentally friendly as possible. In 2011 Grieg Star entered into a partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF.) This involves working together on a energy efficiency project, together with other shipping companies in Norway.  In addition, Grieg Star is co-funding a maritime research vessel in the Philippines, operated by WWF Philippines. The vessel is located in the Sulu Sea and is critical for WWFs surveys related to climate change – and  vulnerability assessments, as well as seabird, fish and coral reef monitoring.

Grieg Seafood

Through Grieg Seafood we are present in Finnmark in the northern part of Norway, in Shetland and in Canada. By our presence we contribute to secure jobs in communities that might otherwise be threatened by depopulation and unemployment.  It’s essential for us to cooperate with the communities where we are present. Therefore we strive to develop a good dialogue with local authorities, environmental organizations and indigenous people in these places.

Certified main office

In 2012, our main office “Grieg Gaarden” were certified as “Miljøfyrtårn” –  a public Norwegian environmental certificate awarded companies that have gone through an environmental assessment and comply with requirements for an environmental business. The environmental analysis addresses the following environmental issues: Internal safety, working environment, energy, procurement and use of materials, waste and emissions management, transportation and climate accounts, and supports focus areas across our companies.

The annual «Miljøfyrtårn-rapport» is available by request.

Grieg Foundation

Grieg Group is proud to be owned 25 per cent by the Grieg Foundation. Through Grieg Foundation one quarter of the values created by the Grieg Group will be endowed to the society.